Lake George taxpayers are not alone.

Many other taxpayers in NYS are upset at the unrestrained NYSUT juggernaut.  Here are some of their websites.

Teachers' Salaries go up and up.

The Triborough Amendment (unique to NYS) is like "heads I win, tails you lose."  If a new teachers' contract cannot be agreed upon, they continue to get the "step raises" of the previous contract.  So there's no incentive for the NYSUT to come to the bargaining table.  New York State's 1982 Triborough Amendment undermines the collective bargaining process. 

Voting "NO" on a school budget would help make the point that the Triborough Amendment needs to be revised so that our Boards of Education will have the ability to actually negotiate.  However any Board of Ed which is influenced by teachers will not vigorously pursue changing this archaic amendment because the teachers and their union have a sweet deal now.  So taxpayers must speak up.

Here's the compensation data.

Remember to add 72% for the endless benefits at LGCSD.

Learn about the unsustainable benefits

which NYSUT & other unions have demanded (and received) from all local school districts. helps to understand it.

2010-11 Teachers' Contract 

(the 2012 contract has not yet been made public, as of May 23, 2012)

Note page 20 which enables Lake George teachers after 10 years, to retire and pay as little as $600 per year for expensive health insurance ("Cadillac Plans") for the rest of their life, with no adjustment for inflation - ever!  So when the costs rise 10% - 15% per year, they still pay the same dollar amount forever.  Or as little as $1050 / year for a Family plan which currently costs the Lake George district well over $20,000 per year.    See 2010 - 2011 health plan cost details below.Who pays the enormous balance?  Every taxpayer.  Any school board which would ratify such an agreement is certainly not looking out for the taxpayers who elected them.

Previous Superintendent's Contract

Scroll way down alphabetically to find Lake George Central Schools.  For you to receive $50,000 per year, you would have to have saved over $1 million.  Who pays for this generosity?  The NYS taxpayer!

The NYS Pension Bomb !
Learn how much you'd need to save on your own to replicate these pension annual incomes.